Data Analyst


Product & Solution Development

Job description:
  1. Product Data Analysis

  2. Data query to production data to analyze performance

  3. Suggest product improvement based on data

  4. Work together with Product Managers to improve product journey and buid comparision to market usage

  5. Business Data Analysis

  6. Handle transaction data requested by other department (Sales, Finance, Ops, External Client)

  7. Troubleshoot current reports on a regular basis to identify where efficiencies or changes can be made in the report structure or layout.

  8. Create more complex analytical reports as required by the business.

  9. Work with data scientist for business analysis

  1. Skilled in Microsoft SQL server application software (SSRS, SSIS)

  2. Skilled in SAP BusinessObjects reporting software

  3. Strong numerical and analytical skills including skills in Microsoft applications software (Excel)

  4. Strong written and verbal communication skills

  5. Excellent attention to detail

  6. Ability to develop new skills and understand new technology as required

  7. Ability to successfully manage multiple tasks

  8. Ability to prioritise and meet deadlines

  9. Strong interpersonal and networking skills – ability to build effective strong relationships both within the department and across functions and with customers

  10. Good working knowledge of SQL Server environment and database administration

  11. Interest in the financial markets

  12. Strong academic background

Placement Jakarta dan Yogyakarta (DA_JAK) & (DA_YOG)
Employee Status  : Full time position available
Posted : 04 Maret 2019
Closed : 04 April 2019


Data Analyst
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